9 Practical Node.js Projects

While there have been quite a few attempts to get JavaScript working as a server-side language, Node.js (frequently just called Node) has been the first environment that's gained any traction. It's now used by companies such as Netflix, Uber and Paypal to power their web apps. Node allows for blazingly fast performance; thanks to its event loop model, common tasks like network connection and database I/O can be executed very quickly indeed.In this book, we offer a selection of nine different practical projects that you can follow along with.It contains:Build a Simple Beginner App with Node, Bootstrap & MongoDB by James HibbardHow to Build a File Upload Form with Express and Dropzone.js by Lukas WhiteHow to Build and Structure a Node.js MVC Application by James KolceUser Authentication with the MEAN Stack by Simon Holmes & Jeremy WilkenBuild a JavaScript Command Line Interface (CLI) with Node.js by Lukas White & Michael WanyoikeBuilding a Real-time Chat App with Sails.js by Michael WanyoikePassport Authentication for Node.js Applications by Paul OracLocal Authentication Using Passport in Node.js by Paul OracAn Introduction to NodeBots by Patrick CatanzaritiThis book is for anyone who wants to start learning server-side development with Node.js. Familiarity with JavaScript is assumed.

Author: James Hibbard

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