Advanced TypeScript 3 Programming Projects: Build robust web based projects with the latest ECMAScript standards

Build real-world highest quality and complex web-based applications with TypeScript in a more robust way.Key FeaturesTake advantage of the cutting-edge features of TypeScript 3.0 to build high-performing, maintainable applications;Practical examples that show how to use TypeScript with popular frameworks, including Angular, React, Node, and othersFocus on building high-quality applications that are modular, scalable and adaptableBook DescriptionWith the demand for ever more complex websites, the ability to write robust, standards-compliant JavaScript has never been greater. TypeScript is modern JavaScript with the support of a first-class type system so learning TypeScript means that it is simpler than ever to write complex web systems. TypeScript gives you, the tools that you need to build reliable systems while still being able to use the JavaScript libraries of your choice. In this book, we are going to learn by building a series of websites, how to build TypeScript applications.While covering the foundations of TypeScript, we are going to see how to leverage more advanced features of the language such as promises and async/await to create compelling web applications. You will experience a variety of solutions to problems with TypeScript. We will do web development projects briefly on simple vanilla typescript to get the ball rolling, then a full stack project with node.js, a project with TypeScript, A CRM application with React and microservices, a cloud-based map application with Angular and Firebase. In the end, we will build an image recognition application with TensorFlow. We will also learn how to use TypeScript effectively with .NET Core application along with by building a Music library application.By the end of this book, you will be able to build high-quality and high-performing web-based applications across various domains for your clients.What you will learnUnderstand how TypeScript relates to JavaScriptLearn how to use the core features of TypeScriptLearn how to create Object Oriented TypeScriptUse TypeScript in both the web browser and at the server sideLearn how to use AngularJS with TypeScriptLearn how to use React with TypeScriptLearn how to use TypeScript in conjunction with ASP.NET Core Who This Book Is ForThis practical guide is for programmers who are already familiar with TypeScript. If you are familiar with Typescript and want to put your knowledge to work, then this is the book for you.

Author: Peter O'Hanlon

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