Advanced Persistent Threat Modeling: Defending Against APTs

Advanced Persistent Threat Modeling is an in-depth guide to targeting and compromising high-security environments. With it, you'll learn how to discover and create attack vectors, move unseen through a target enterprise, establish robust command and control, and exfiltrate data—even from organizations without a direct connection to the Internet.The purpose is not to instruct the black-hats (they're already doing this) but the relevant stakeholders in your organization. These attack techniques will help you change the current attitudes and approaches to proactive network security, such as penetration testing.This book addresses relevant and timely issues in a way that clearly demonstrates and teaches techniques that can be used to compromise even very secure environments. It will help usher in a new era in penetration testing and get people to think in a different way about security rather than just recycle tired concepts.

Author: Wil Allsopp

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