Angular 2: Novice to Ninja

Angular 2: Novice to Ninja is the perfect book to journey into the world of Angular, the superheroic JavaScript framework. Developed and maintained by Google, Angular brings the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern to JavaScript applications and provides a high quality foundation for building complex and powerful apps quickly. Angular is an open source JavaScript framework that lets you create amazing AJAX-based web apps. Angular aims to minimize the complexity involved in creating such apps by offering a great environment for development, as well as the means to test them. Angular ships with many great features out of the box. It supports two-way data binding, nice templating, easy REST interaction, components, multiple views, routing, and much more. It also demands no commitment. You can include Angular in your web page and use as many features as you like. This completely overhauled edition of the book covers Angular 2, the latest and greatest version of the framework. Angular 2 is built for the applications of modern era using the latest features of the web; it includes many features that improve application performance, such as a revamped data binding system. Angular is one of the top choices when it comes to Single Page App development. You're going to enjoy working with Angular!

Author: Ravi Kiran

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