Artificial Vision and Language Processing for Robotics: Create an end-to-end system to control a robot with artificial vision using deep learning

The course will teach you to combine artificial neural networks with ROS to build a pattern recognizer intelligent robot.Key FeaturesPeople will acquire a good understanding of R.O.S, which is very hard to learn in a self-taught way.Learn to use advanced computer vision models.Create a Conversational Agent (known as chatbot) to interact with the robot.Book DescriptionThis course will cover the three most hot topics of Artificial Intelligence: Convolutional Neural Networks to image processing, Recurrent Neural Networks to text analyzing and robotics.It will go deeply into advanced computer vision models integrated into a robot using R.O.S. This robot will be managed through a control system capable of understanding the human natural language to be easy to rule.This course is different from the rest because it covers advanced deep learning topics from the basics. The reader will learn how to train and deploy models and how to integrate them in a unified end-to-end application.What you will learnLearn the fundamentals of robotics to be able to build a basic robotic system.Train and deploy deep learning models.How to use ROS to build an intelligent system.NLP to identify conversation intents.Understand several architectures of neural networks.Integrate different models into an end-to-end system.Learn artificial vision with ROS to make the robot capable of recognizing objects. Who This Book Is ForPeople who love robotics and neural networks now can create a project integrating Computer Vision and NLP to control a robot. They have the opportunity of being experts in convolutional neural networks and recurrent neural networks, both integrated into R.O.S. They will go deep in some advanced concepts of Artificial Intelligence. Improving their skills in these areas and learning the R.O.S paradigm will give them new career opportunities. We strongly recommend a year of Python experience and a background in deep learning. Knowing about R.O.S is also a plus because it is useful for improving your robotics skills.

Author: Gonzalo Molina Gallego

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