Building Scalable Apps with Redis and Node.js

Develop customized, scalable web apps through the integration of powerful Node.js frameworksAbout This BookDesign a simple application and turn it into the next InstagramIntegrate utilities such as Redis,, and Backbone to create Node.js web applicationsLearn to develop a complete web application right from the frontend to the backend in a streamlined mannerWho This Book Is ForIf the phrase scalability sounds alien to you, then this is an ideal book for you. You will not need much Node.js experience as each framework is demonstrated in a way that requires no previous knowledge of the framework. You will be building scalable Node.js applications in no time! Knowledge of JavaScript is required.What You Will Learn Build and implement your custom middleware for Express Integrate Socket.IO with Express and use the same authentication Create a secure local store for passwords Use message queues to break down your application into manageable pieces Leverage the power of Redis to create a shared state across many different servers Implement Backbone, Socket.IO, and React together for a fast, dynamic, and real-time frontend Automate your build process with the use of the Grunt.js task runner Build deployment scripts to get servers running your application in the cloud In DetailNode.js is a JavaScript runtime-based, scalable platform used to develop web applications and network programs on the server side. It allows web designers to access the backend of their projects while also allowing developers, who are willing to learn JavaScript, a chance to design. There are many frameworks that have popped up in recent years, but what makes Node.js unique is that it opens up a whole new frontier for web development and takes a hybrid approach.This book will help you get to grips with Node.js and implement the knowledge to build efficient web applications. You start with developing a backend web application followed by a frontend interface, and later on deploy it to the cloud platform. This book takes a holistic approach to server-side programming using Node.js in conjunction with different frameworks and tools.

Author: Joshua Johanan

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