Creative Coding and Data Visualization with p5.js: Drawing on the Web with JavaScript

Good news for artists, designers, educators, and beginners with no programming experience: with the p5.js JavaScript library and this hands-on guide, you’ll use a sketchpad approach learn the fundamentals of computer programming and data visualization right in your own web browser.p5 is the native JavaScript alternative to Processing, the language and environment that helps non-programmers learn how to program with the aid of visual feedback. While Processing provides its own sketchpad environment, p5 and its full set of drawing tools enable you to sketch in the browser.Author Scott Murray provides the first in-depth book on p5 to cover all of the exciting possibilities of using Processing-like code on the Web.You’ll learn how to:Make your project run in full-screen mode for maximum visual effectReach beyond the canvas and interact with other elements on the pageExchange information between p5 and JavaScript properLoad data into a sketch (CSVs, JSON, web APIs)Express data visually, mapping data values to visual propertiesTake advantage of native browser input elements (such as buttons and dropdown menus) to control interactive visualizations

Author: Scott Murray

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