D3 for the Impatient: Interactive Graphics for Programmers and Scientists

If you’re in a hurry to learn D3.js, the leading JavaScript library for web-based graphics and visualization, this book is for you. Written for technically savvy readers with a background in programming or data science, the book moves quickly, emphasizing unifying concepts and patterns. Anticipating common difficulties, author Philipp K. Janert teaches you how to apply D3 to your own problems.Assuming only a general programming background, but no previous experience with contemporary web development, this book explains supporting technologies such as SVG, HTML5, CSS, and the DOM as needed, making it a convenient one-stop resource for a technical audience.Understand D3 selections, the library’s fundamental organizing principleLearn how to create data-driven documents with data bindingCreate animated graphs and interactive user interfacesDraw figures with curves, shapes, and colorsUse the built-in facilities for heatmaps, tree graphs, and networksSimplify your work by writing your own reusable components

Author: Philipp K. Janert

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