Easy Learning Data Structures & Algorithms ES6+Javascript: Classic data structures and algorithms in ES6+ JavaScript

Understand data structures and the associated algorithms, as well as the context in which they are used.Master existing JavaScript data structures such as array, set and map and learn how to implement new ones such as stacks, linked lists, trees and graphs.All concepts are explained in an easy way, followed by examples.You will gain an in-depth knowledge of how hash tables and set data structure functions, as well as how trees and hash maps This book is an accessible route deeper into JavaScript. Graphs being one of the most complex data structures you'll encounter.ECMAScript 6 (ES6). This book provides a highly practical look at ES6, This book takes a user-friendly approach to covering ES6 Javascript data structures. 1. Bubble Sorting Algorithm2. Select Sorting Algorithm3. Insert Sorting Algorithm4. Dichotomy Binary Search5. Unidirectional Linked List5.1 Create and Initialization5.2 Add Node5.3 Insert Node5.4 Delete Node6. Doubly Linked List6.1 Create and Initialization6.2 Add Node6.3 Insert Node6.4 Delete Node7. One-way Circular LinkedList7.1 Initialization and Traversal7.2 Insert Node7.3 Delete Node8. Two-way Circular LinkedList8.1 Initialization and Traversal8.2 Insert Node8.3 Delete Node9. Queue10. Stack11. Recursive Algorithm12. Two-way Merge Algorithm13. Quick Sort Algorithm14. Binary Search Tree14.1 Construct a binary search tree14.2 Binary search tree In-order traversal14.3 Binary search tree Pre-order traversal14.4 Binary search tree Post-order traversal14.5 Binary search tree Maximum and minimum14.6 Binary search tree Delete Node15. Binary Heap Sorting16. Hash Table17. Graph17.1 Undirected Graph and Depth-Frst Search17.2 Undirected Graph and Breadth-First Search17.3 Directed Graph and Depth-Frst Search17.4 Directed Graph and Breadth-First Search17.5 Directed Graph Topological Sorting

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