Easy Learning Javascript: Javascript for Beginner’s Guide

The complexity of life, because they do not understand to simplify the complex, to simplify the complexity, simple is the beginning of wisdom. From the essence of practice, to briefly explain the concept, and vividly cultivate programming interest, this book easy and quickly learn Javascript.1. Javascript Basic Concept 1.1 HelloWorld 1.2 Variable and Type 2. Operational Operator 2.1 Arithmetic Operator 2.2 Assignment Operator 2.3 Relational Operator 2.4 Logic Operator3. Control Statement 3.1 If Conditional Statement 3.2 Switch Statement 3.3 While Loop Statement 3.4 For Loop Statement4. Array 4.1 One-Dimensional Array 4.2 Two-Dimensional Array5. Function6. Javascript Object-Oriented 6.1 Class 6.2 Method 6.3 Inheritance 6.4 Prototype7. BOM 7.1 Event 7.2 Dialog 7.3 Timer8. DOM 8.1 Get Element 8.2 Select All Check Box 8.3 Element Attribute 8.4 MouseOver Thumbnail to Larger 8.5 Element Hierarchy 8.6 Create Text Node 8.7 Delete Node 8.8 Replace Node 8.9 Clone Node 8.10 Add Contact Example 8.11 CSS Style Font 8.12 CSS Change Class Selector 8.13 CSS Overflow Expand and Close 8.14 CSS Frient List 8.15 CSS Floating Highlighting 8.16 List Box Added 8.17 Secondary Linkage Drop-down 8.18 Registration Page 8.19 Table Create Rows Columns 8.20 Table Sort 8.21 Delete Table Row Column

Author: yang hu

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