Full Stack Web Apps with Vue.js and Node.js: Develop modern and realtime web apps with Mongo, Express, Vue.js 2.0, and Node 10

The book covers a step-by-step guide from building an application with Express.js, creating RESTful APIs with Mongo DB, implementation of Vue.js on frontend, Single Page Application.Key FeaturesLearn how to construct modern web applications with Node.js, Express.js, MondoDB, and Vue.jsHarness the power of the JavaScript on the client as well as server side to build your full stack applications.Gain deep and practical understanding of real-time web applications with real-world examplesBook DescriptionIsomorphic JavaScript has been the buzzword of the year 2017, allowing developers to utilize a single language throughout their web development stack and build cost effective and scalable application.MEVN is a one such modern web development stack which comprises of web technologies like MongoDB, Express.js, Vue.js and Node. This book leverages the sweet harmony of these technologies to help you create real-time full stack web applications.Starting with the core frameworks, this example based guide will explain all the key concepts and of each of the frameworks, how to set them up properly and how to use popular modules to connect them together and make them work cohesively by following the real world examples demonstrated in this book.The readers will be able to scaffold their web application architecture, add authentication layer, and develop the MVC structure to support the development of your application. You'll learn how to create data models for your applications as well as writing REST APIs exposing your data model to your application. Further down the line we utilize various third party libraries (Socket.io), tools, and frameworks to add real-time functionality to our applications and streamline our daily development lifecycle.Watch how your application development grows by learning from the only guide that is solely orientated towards building a full, end-to-end, real-time application using the MEVN stack!What you will learnBuild an application with Express.jsCreate Schemas using MongooseBuild a single page application using Vue.js and Express.jsBuild RESTful APIs using Express.jsAdd test cases to improve the reliability of the applicationLearn how to deploy apps on Heroku using GithubAdd authorization using passportWho This Book Is ForIf you are a web or a full-stack JavaScript developer who have tried their hands on the traditional stacks like LAMP and wish to explore a new stack with modern web technologies then this book is for you. This book is also for web or full stack developers who have tried using the traditional MEAN or MERN stack and wish to explore the power of Vue.js. Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is necessary.About the AuthorAnita Sharma has been on tech industry for more than 7 years, she has worked on both frontend and backend aspects of programming. Anita Sharma started off as a Web Designer then to a PHP Developer then to a Ruby on Rails engineer. Being a full-stack developer, she has learned to work with lots of technologies over the years.Anita Sharma is a certified Scrum Master and currently working as software engineer at CloudFactory.

Author: Anita Sharma

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