Generation Code: I’m a JavaScript Games Maker: Advanced Coding

Once you learn to code using JavaScript, the world of gaming opens up. If you already know a bit about JavaScript, it's time to pick up the pace! In this book, learn how to build mind-bending games, that you'll want to play for hours and will amaze your friends. Along the way, learn about core coding and gaming concepts like variables, random numbers, key presses and arrays. The Generation Code series is a hands-on guide to computer coding, designed to train you in the coding languages used by real-world computer programmers. You'll discover how to code exciting programs, web pages, apps and games, and learn how the tools and functions you're using can be applied to other situations. Other books in the Generation Code series: I'm an Advanced Scratch Coder I'm a Python Programmer I'm an HTML Web Page Builder I'm an App Developer I'm a JavaScript Games Maker: The Basics

Author: Max Wainewright

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