Getting Started with hapi.js: Building Functional, Testable Web Servers

This practical book introduces you to Hapi, the configuration-centric HTTP framework for Node.js. With it, you’ll learn how to create basic HTTP servers, and how to build upon them with data validation, caching, logging and error handling.Written by a contributor to the framework, Getting Started with Hapi.js explains fully the core concepts of Hapi, and how to use them successfully to create functional, testable API servers and websites. Developed for Walmart’s mobile platform, Hapi takes a new spin on the process of creating HTTP servers. It’s been adopted by many large companies such as PayPal, Yahoo! and Mozilla.Develop production-grade HTTP servers with HapiLearn the framework’s core concepts, including views, authentication, route handlers and the request lifecycleCreate a manageable structure for your web application, including how to use Hapi plugins to separate your code, and how to keep request handlers concise with only the required business logic

Author: Fionn Kelleher

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