Getting Started with TypeScript: Includes Introduction to Angular

TypeScript is a JavaScript superset that supports static typing and compiles down to plain JavaScript. TypeScript gives you compile-time errors, great tooling support and the latest JavaScript features like classes, arrow functions and modules. You can compile these latest features down to a JavaScript version that is supported in today's browsers. The adoption of TypeScript is increasing and as a serious developer you should have that language definitely in your pocket! Join Thomas in this book to learn the TypeScript language. After you've set up your environment you get up to speed with basic types, interfaces, classes, functions, modules, decorators and you learn how to build modern, component-based web-applications with Angular and rock-solid TypeScript code. This book is structured into twelve chapters: 1. Introduction 2. Setting up Your Environment 3. Using TypeScript 4. Basic Types 5. Var, Let and Const 6. Interfaces and Classes 7. Generics 8. Functions (includes async/await) 9. Modules 10. Decorators 11. Declaration Files 12. Angular with TypeScript Now let's learn TypeScript, so that you can build your next JavaScript-based application with this amazing, popular language.

Author: Thomas Claudius Huber

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