Hands-On ASP.NET Core 2 and Vue.js: Create state of the art ASP.NET applications with Vue.js at the client side

Develop and deploy a modern single-page application with ASP.NET Core and Vue.jsKey FeaturesCreate fast, rich and reactive client side applications with Vue.js and ASP.NET Core.Leverage Vue components efficiently to build state of the art user interfaces.Develop a complete end to end e-commerce application with Vue.js and ASP.NET CoreBook DescriptionThis book will walk you through the process of developing an e-commerce application from start to finish, utilising an ASP.NET Core web API and Vue.js SPA front end.We will build the application using a feature slice approach, whereby in each chapter we will add the required front and back end changes necessary to complete an entire feature. In the earlier chapters we’ll keep things fairly simple to get started, but by the end of the book you’ll be utilising some advanced concepts such as server-side rendering and continuous integration and deployment.You will learn how to setup and configure a modern development environment for building ASP.NET Core web API’s and Vue.js SPA front ends. You will also learn about how ASP.NET Core differs from its predecessors, and how we can utilise those changes to our benefit. Finally, you will learn the fundamentals of building modern front end applications using Vue.js, as well as some of the more advanced concepts which can help make you more productive in your own applications in the future.What you will learnHow to build a modern Vue.js front-end for an ASP.NET Core web applicationFind out why Vue.js is the perfect framework to compliment ASP.NET Core for state-of-the-art applicationsSetup a productive development environment for both front and back-end developmentConfigure ASP.NET Core to automatically bundle our client-side components using Webpack and HMRCompose a modern component based UI using the power of Vue.js with it’s single-file components, mixins, directives and reactive data-binding mechanisms.Use the latest features of ASP.NET Core 2.0 to build a fast, secure and highly maintainable backend Web API with an EF Core based backing database. Hydrate a client-side Vuex store with server-rendered data and advanced ways of configuring webpack.Build a fully featured e-commerce system from start-to-finish including advanced topics such as server-side rendering, OpenID Connect based authentication, and continuous deployment with VSTS.Who This Book Is ForThis book is aimed at ASP.NET developers who are looking for an entry point in learning how to build a modern client-side SPA with Vue.js, or those with a basic understanding of Vue.js who are looking to build on their knowledge and apply it to a real-world application. Knowledge of JavaScript is not necessary, but would be an advantage.About the AuthorStuart Ratcliffe is a professional software developer who lives and works in the East Midlands, UK. He has held positions at some of the largest IT companies in the world, working on high profile projects for the UK government. More recently he has moved into the Healthcare sector, working on track-and-trace systems for medical instruments undergoing the sterilization process. Currently, he holds a tech lead position for the digital side of a pharmaceutical company, building both web and mobile applications to support the clinical side of the business.He is a full-stack .NET developer by trade, but loves to learn new technologies, including modern SPA development with Vue.js and server-side JavaScript development with Node.

Author: Stuart Ratcliffe

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