Hands-On Chatbot Development with Alexa Skills and Amazon Lex: Create Custom Conversational and Voice Interfaces for Your Amazon Echo and Echo Dot devices

Hands-On Chatbot Development with Alexa Skills and Amazon LexKey FeaturesA hands-on guide with real world examples to help you create chatbots and voice enabled interfaces with AmazonLearn how to use AWS Lambda, Alexa Skills Kit, and Amazon LexUnderstand the fundamentals of creating a working Voice User Interface (VUI) by developing Alexa skillsBook DescriptionHave you ever wondered how Alexa apps are made or how voice-enabled technologies work, or how chatbots functions? Why tech giants like Amazon and Google are investing in voice technologies. The better question is why haven't you started developing on these platforms yet. This hands-on guide will cover all the feature set of Alexa Skills set with real-world examples on how to build various skills for your Echo and voice-enabled chatbots with the Amazon lex platform.We will start off with how to set up your local environment and AWS CLI, so that you can automate the process of uploading Alexa Skills from your local machine. We will learn how to learn how to develop skills using both Lambda function and Web Service as an endpoint. With the progression of each chapter, we will learn the feature of ASK as SSML tags, including a card in your response, sessions feature, built-in intents and slots, Account linking feature. Then we shift our focus to Amazon Lex, building conversational interfaces and voice enable chatbots, and also learn how to integrate it into any application.By the end of the book, you would have explored a full set of technologies that will enable you to create your own voice enable conversational interfaces using Amazon.What you will learnCreate a development environment using Alexa Skills Kit, AWS CLI, and NodeJSLearn how to access third-party APIs from your Alexa Skills and Lex chatbotsUse AWS services like Lambda, S3, and DynamoDB to create robust applications using Alexa Skills and Amazon LexPublish a Lex chatbot to Twilio SMS, Slack, and Facebook MessengerDevelop your own skills for Alexa-enabled devices like the Echo and Echo DotWho This Book Is ForThis book is for developers who are interested in building conversational bots and skills with Amazon. Some knowledge of programming and working with APIs is required.

Author: Sam Williams

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