Hands-On Full Stack Web Development with Aurelia: Develop modern and real-time web apps with Aurelia and Node.js

Develop rich and scalable applications with the new MEAN StackKey FeaturesLearn how to construct modern web applications with Node.js, Express.js, MondoDB, and Aurelia.Harness the power of the JavaScript on the client as well as server side to build your full stack applications.Gain deep and practical understanding of real-time web applications with real-worl examplesBook DescriptionThe book beings with the review o f basic concepts about JavaScript as main code language and explain how it works under the lights. You will then quickly move on to learn how to create beautiful and intuitive applications by using the Aurelia-Materialize Plugin, which implements the Material Design Approach. Once the application, FIFA World Cup 2018 App, is fully configured, so it's time to add some functionality, you will start creating the first components through TDD practices. You will then create the backend services for process and store all the user data and learn how to expose these to be consumed by the web application.Moving on, you will understand and explore the NoSQL paradigm and implement it using one of the most popular NoSQL databases, MongoDB, with some awesome libraries to make the experience very comfortable and useful. Next, you will add some advanced behavior to our components; from manage the life cycle in a proper way to use dynamic binding, fields' validations and custom service layer.You will integrate our application to Google OAuth Service and learn best practices to secure your applications. You will also write integration and UI Testing scripts to create high quality Aurelia Apps and explore the most used tools to run the end2end tests. Next, you will learn to deploy your application to the Cloud and Docker Containers.By the end of the book, you will have the skills to create rich applications through good practices and modern approaches, becoming a complete fullstack developer.What you will learnCreate front end applications using Aurelia JS from scratch, following good practices and modern approaches.Learn about modern CSS preprocessors and how they can improve readability of your applicationUse Aurelia framework to create navigable web applications with custom behavior and logic on the client sideWrite your own tests and expect some custom behavior, ensuring your application to be secure and fault toleranceCreate solid and understandable restful API's using microservice architecture.Understand the NoSQL paradigm and get the best performance from DBIntegrate third party libraries such Gmail for Single Sign On.Review of different useful concepts such UX, testing and Agile.Build apps that are ready to pass end-to-end testing by writing your UI Testing script and Integration TestsWho This Book Is ForIf you are a web or a full-stack JavaScript developer who have tried their hands on the traditional stacks like LAMP and wish to explore a new stack with modern web technologies then this book is for you. This book is also for web or full stack developers who have tried using the traditional MEAN or MERN stack and wish to explore the power of Aurelia. Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is necessary.

Author: Diego Jose Argüelles Rojas

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