Hands-on Full-Stack Web Development with GraphQL and React: Build scalable full stack applications while learning to solve complex problems with GraphQL

Unearth the power of GraphQL, React, Apollo, Node, and Express to build a scalable, production ready applicationKey FeaturesBuild full stack applications with modern APIs using GraphQL and ApolloIntegrate Apollo into React and build frontend components using GQLImplement a self-updating notification bar with an unique GraphQL feature called SubscriptionsBook DescriptionReact, one of the most used JavaScript frameworks, allows developers to build fast and scalable frontend applications for any use case. GraphQL is the modern way of querying an API. It represents an alternative to REST and is the next evolution in web development. Combining these two revolutionary technologies will give you a future proof and scalable stack you can start building your business around.This book will help you implement the best practice ways for building a solid full stack by using React, Apollo, NodeJS and SQL. We’ll focus on solving complex problems with GraphQL such as abstracting multi-table database architecture and handling image uploads. Our client, engine and server will be powered by Apollo. Our learning tool will be Graphbook.While building the app we’ll cover the tricky parts of connecting React to the Backend, and maintaining and synchronizing state. We’ll learn all about querying data and authenticating users. We’ll write test cases to test the backend as well as frontend for our application and cover deployment.What you will learnSet up React and ApolloCreate APIs using ExpressJSResolve data from multi-table database and system architecturesBuild models and schemas for users and posts using Apollo and SequelizeMutate data and handle file uploadsWrite complex React components and share data across themDeploy your application using Docker Who This Book Is ForThe book is for web developers who want to enhance their skills and build complete full stack applications using industry standards. Familiarity with JavaScript, React, and GraphQL is expected to get the most from this book.About the AuthorSebastian Grebe is a verified Computer Science Expert for Application Development. He is a young entrepreneur working on a variety of products targeting the consumer market. He specializes in web development using the newest technologies like FeathersJS and React but also likes following old and traditional standard technologies like SQL and PHP. Furthermore he developed professionalism merging old and new applications, developing cross platform apps with React Native and Ionic and writing efficient backend and database code.Currently he is actively working on a startup which is creating a new video platform using Laravel, Angular and SQL called Flobeat. Apart from this he is also actively pushing a new dating app which utilizes React, Apollo, Cordova and Meteor called Coupled.Until today he has worked for different companies as software engineer, product developer and project manager like DB Netz AG.The collaborative work on open source projects like VulcanJS is a important part of his daily todos.

Author: Sebastian Grebe

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