hapi.js in Action

As a low-level platform, Node.js offers a lot of flexibility in building the server side of web applications. In day-to-day work, all this flexibility means that there will be a lot of important decisions to make every time a new project is started. Hapi.js, a battle-tested configuration-centric framework for Node, takes the pain out of spinning up new applications so developers can focus on adding business value and creating great features. Hapi offers a super-clean model for building APIs, along with a powerful plugin system, so it's perfect for building individual services and for constructing entire applications.Hapi.js in Action explains how to build modern Node-driven applications using hapi.js. Packed with examples, this book takes readers from their first simple server through the skills they'll need to build a complete application. They'll learn how to build websites and APIs, implement caching, authentication, validation, error handling, and a lot more. Readers will also explore vital techniques for production applications, such as testing, monitoring, error handling, deployment, and documentation.Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats from Manning Publications.

Author: Matt Harrison

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