HTML: Learn HTML in 24 Hours – HTML For Beginners

Learn HTML in 24 Hours! Equip yourself learning one of the important technical skillset of Today’s world – HTML! Whether you are a programmer, student or a business owner, understanding the concepts of HTML is essential not just to design and develop a website but to manage it effectively. This book is exclusively designed for HTML Beginners who are interested to get ahead in life. After completing this book end to end, you will be able to Create Your Own Websites Learn about the world of Web development and the complete concepts of HTML starting from HTML Editors, Tags, Elements, Attributes, Comments, Lists, Images, Tables, Linking & Anchors, Forms Frames, CSS, HTML5, HTML 5 Element & HTML5 Semantics. If you are looking forward to develop a second career as a freelancer, what better way is there than becoming a website developer? Read this book NOW and skill up yourself!

Author: UpSkill Publishing

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