HTML5 Games: Novice to Ninja

Start developing your own browser-based HTML5 games! This fun book will show you how it's possible for anyone to build impressive, fast games using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and open web technologies; games that would have previously only been possible with the help of proprietary plugins such as Flash. Starting with the fundamentals of game design, you'll get insider knowledge of all of the technologies and tricks used to build modern HTML5 games. Along the way, you'll develop your own game: a clone of the classic destructible terrain game, "Worms". What's inside? Drawing things to the screen using Canvas and the DOMThe basics: game loops and inputSounds good: Using the Web Audio APIJazzing your game up with"juice": screen shakes, particle effects, and moreAdding 3D with WebGL and three.jsAnd much more!

Author: Earle Castledine

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