Introduction to JavaScript Electronics: Brief introduction to building circuits and program electronics with JavaScript, Node.js and Arduino

This book is the perfect beginners guide to building electronic circuits with the Arduino UNO development board and programming your simple prototypes with JavaScript and Node.js!The book and the examples in it can be finished in less than 3 hours!After a quick introduction, you will learn how to run JavaScript code outside the browser and send instructions to and read sensor data from the Arduino UNO. We will build our first circuit with an LED light and switch it on and off with a few lines of code. Next, we will connect a temperature sensor and a light sensor and access their sensor readings from your computer and the your JavaScript application.By the time you finish the book you will get to work with and understand some basic circuit building components like breadboards, resistors, jumper wires and simple analog sensors like the LM35 and the LDR.Even though the introduction to these techniques are quick and efficient the important principles are exaplained in more detail, like calculating the correct resistors for your circuit or how voltage divider circuits work.All this knowledge will enable you to build your very own electronic projects from scratch and start working with more complex sensors and components!

Author: Mate Marschalko

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