Introduction to JavaScript: Quick Guides for Masterminds

Learn how to program with JavaScript. After reading this guide, you will know how to create a program in JavaScript, how to define functions and objects, and how to read and modify an HTML document dynamically.Table of ContentsJAVASCRIPTIntroduction to JavaScriptImplementing JavaScriptVariablesStringsBooleansArraysConditionals and LoopsControl Transfer InstructionsFunctionsDeclaring FunctionsScopeAnonymous FunctionsStandard FunctionsObjectsDeclaring ObjectsMethodsThe this KeywordConstructorsThe new OperatorInheritanceStandard ObjectsString ObjectsArray ObjectsDate ObjectsMath ObjectWindow ObjectDocument ObjectElement ObjectsCreating Element ObjectsEventsThe addEventListener() MethodEvent ObjectsDebuggingConsoleConsole ObjectError EventExceptionsAPIsNative LibrariesExternal LibrariesQUICK REFERENCEEvent AttributesInstructionsConstructorsStringsArraysDatesPropertiesFunctionsWindow ObjectDocument ObjectElement ObjectEventsErrorsThis guide assumes that you have a basic knowledge of web development, HTML and CSS, and you know how to create files and upload them to a server. If you need more information on web development or you don't know how to program in HTML and CSS, download our guides Web Development, Introduction to HTML and Introduction to CSS. For a complete course on web development, read our book HTML5 for Masterminds.This guide is a collection of excerpts from the book HTML5 for Masterminds. The information included in this guide will help you understand a particular aspect of web development, but it will not teach you everything you need to know to develop a website or a web application. If you need a complete course on web development, read our book HTML5 for Masterminds. For more information, visit our website at

Author: J.D Gauchat

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