Introduction to JavaScript (Volume 1) (Web Programming for Beginners Series)

Why JavaScript?JavaScript is one of the most useful and popular languages to have appeared in the relatively brief history of the world wide web. Its development and implementation has been almost single-handedly responsible for the web's tremendous growth and acceptance as the worldwide standard of information sharing and data transfer. JavaScript has also been responsible for the web's transition from a collection of static, non-interactive, one-way information-bearing pages to the dynamic, interactive environment that attracts, entertains and informs billions of people all over the world today. The demand for web programmers has never been greater than it is today and one of the skills that is absolutely essential for these programmers to know and be proficient at is JavaScript.                 What is this book about?This user-friendly guide was written to give the JavaScript novice a complete and thorough understanding of the basics of this popular language. Unlike other introductory books on JavaScript, which contain page after page of text with very few relevant examples and even fewer, if any, step-by-step solved problems, this book is loaded with hundreds of detailed examples and over 750 solved problems. This combination of examples and solved problems insures that the student will get a firm grasp and practical understanding of the basics of JavaScript.What will you learn from this book?Prepare to gain a thorough understanding of JavaScript as you work through the 3 volumes (including over 2000 solved problems) in this series. Here is a preview of the topics that will be covered:JavaScript web programmingJavaScript outputJavaScript variablesJavaScript operatorsJavaScript data typesJavaScript conditional statementsJavaScript loopsJavaScript stringsJavaScript numbersJavaScript datesJavaScript functionsJavaScript eventsJavaScript arraysJavaScript objectsJavaScript/HTML formsRegular ExpressionsRegular expressions and form validationJavaScript and the HTML DOMJavaScript debugging

Author: Randall S. Robertson

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