Ionic 4+: Creating awesome apps for iOS, Android, Desktop and Web

„Ionic 4+- Creating awesome apps for iOS, Android, Desktop & Web“ is aimed at software developers who previously had little or nothing to do with programming apps or who had worked with other tools and frameworks and would like to build cool apps in an easy way.The book spans from the idea of the popular app framework and its installation to the realization of a complete app including its publication on Apple App Store, Google Play, for Desktop by using Electron or as Progressive Web App (PWA).Each of the twelve chapters is dedicated to its own aspect of Ionic. In the process, new functionalities are gradually being added to an initially simply designed tourism app called „BoB Tours“. At the end of this book, the reader not only knows the key features of Ionic, but has also understood how the whole works in context. He/She finally has the necessary knowledge to be able to develop his/her own awesome apps with Ionic.A comprehensive introduction to Ionic on more than 600 pages.Level: Beginner ++ | Intermediate +++ | Advanced +Table of Contents: 1. Introduction, 2. Angular Essentials, 3. The first app, 4. Navigation, 5. Services and Storages, 6. UI Components, 7. Form validation, 8. Theming, styling, customizing, 9. Ionic Native, 10. Communication and Messaging, 11. Debugging and Testing, 12. Build, Deploy and Publish, Bonus chapter: Ionic without any framework, Ionic and Capacitor, Ionic and React, Ionic and VuePredecessor's Press Reviews:"The author manages to quickly familiarize experienced JavaScript and Angular developers with the finenesses of the framework." (c't)"Our conclusion can only be: absolute recommendation." ("At the moment Dormann's book about Ionic is practically unrivaled." (c't)Buyers of the paperback edition get the ebook for free.

Author: Andreas Dormann

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