Java WebSocket Programming (Oracle Press)

Master Application Development with Java WebSocket Build dynamic enterprise Web applications that fully leverage state-of-the-art communication technologies. Written by the leading expert on Java WebSocket programming, this Oracle Press guide offers practical development strategies and detailed example applications. Java WebSocket Programming explains how to design client/server applications, incorporate full-duplex messaging, establish connections, create endpoints, handle path mapping, and secure data. You’ll also learn how to encrypt Web transmissions and enrich legacy applications with Java WebSocket. Develop Web applications using the Java WebSocket API Create and publish annotated and programmatic endpoints Manage the lifecycle events of WebSocket endpoints Maintain reliable connections across the endpoint lifecycle Manage synchronous and asynchronous messaging Define encoding and decoding strategies for complex messaging Configure message timeouts, size limits, and exceptions Map message paths and route incoming URIs to Web containers Secure data, authenticate users, and encrypt connections

Author: Dr. Danny Coward

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