JavaScript and JSON Essentials – Second Edition: Build light weight, scalable and faster web applications with the power of JSON

The book JSON essential provides a JSON based solution for building web application with using Frontend and backend technologies like html, javascript, angular, node.js, hapi.js, kafka,, mongodb, gulp.js, handlebar.js with some more case studies like GEOJSON, JSONLD, messagepack and BSON.Key FeaturesImplement JSON with trending technologies like Angular 5, Hapi.js, Mongodb, Kafka, and, validate, and format JSON using developer toolkits, JSONLint, and JSON Editor OnlineStudy and implement various JSON formats such as GeoJSON, JSONLD, BSON, and MessagePack available for the open source ecosystemBook DescriptionJSON is an established standard format used to exchange data. This book shows how JSON plays different roles in full web development through examples. By the end of this book, you’ll get new perspectives to provide solutions to your applications and handle complexities.After establishing a strong foundation on the basics of JSON, you will learn to build frontend apps by creating a carousel. Next, you will learn to implement JSON with Angular 5, Node.js, template embedding, and composer.json in PHP. This book will also help you implement Hapi.js for server-side scripting which is known for its JSON configurable architecture. You will learn to implement JSON for real-time apps using kafka, use JSON for a task runner, and MongoDB BSON storage. The book ends with some case studies on JSON formats to help you sharpen your creativity by exploring the futuristic JSON implementations.By the end of the book you will be up and running with all the essential features of JSON and JavaScript to build fast, scalable, and efficient web applications.What you will learnUnderstand where cross-domain asynchronous requests fail and how cross-domain asynchronous calls could be used instead to make asynchronous callsUse JSON to store metadata for dependency managers, package managers, configuration managers, and metadata storesHandle Asynchronous behaviour in applications using callbacks, promises, and generatorsUse JSON for Angular 5, Node.js, Gulp.js, Hapi.jsImplement JSON as BSON in mongoDBMake use of JSON in developing automation scriptsWho This Book Is ForIf you’re a web developer with a basic understanding of JavaScript or PHP development and wish to write JSON data, integrate it with RESTful APIs to create faster and scalable applications, this book is for you.About the AuthorBruno Joseph D'mello is proactively working at yapsody as a Software Engineer.He is JS enthusiastic and love working with open source communities. He possesses 5 years of experience in software development of which more than 3 years dedicatedly working on javascript technologies. Bruno follows kaizen and enjoys freedom of architecting new things at work. He is socially active via coaching web technologies or participating in other research projects and meetups.When not with technology, Bruno likes to spend best time with guitar, family and friends.Sai Srinivas Sriparasa is a web developer and an open source evangelist living in the Stamford area. Sai was the lead developer for building Dr. Oz’s website, and has led teams for companies such as Sprint Nextel, West Interactive, and Apple. Sai’s repertoire includes JavaScript, PHP, Python, HTML5, responsive web development, ASP.NET, C#, and Silverlight.

Author: Bruno Joseph D'mello

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