JavaScript: Basic Fundamental Guide for Beginners (Volume 1)

So, you want to learn JavaScript. It makes sense - it’s an extremely popular language that’s used in most web applications. JavaScript is one of the best possible things you can learn in the age of the modern internet, and you’re inevitably going to end up using the knowledge constantly. So what’s the best way to get that knowledge? There are a lot of books about it. The problem with that is that a lot of books just waste your time. They either under explain things or they hold your hand far too much for you to really get anything. This book aims to break that paradigm. Over the course of this book, you’re going to learn what JavaScript is, the popular JavaScript programming paradigms, and the best ways to work with it. Don’t waste your time trying to learn from a book that doesn’t have a learner in mind. Pick up this book and start your foray into this fantastic and open-ended language today.

Author: MG Martin

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