JavaScript Cookbook

Problem solving with JavaScript is a lot trickier now that its use has expanded considerably in size, scope, and complexity. This cookbook has your back, with recipes for common tasks across the JavaScript world, whether you’re working in the browser, the server, or a mobile environment. Each recipe includes reusable code and practical advice for tackling JavaScript objects, Node, Ajax, JSON, data persistence, graphical and media applications, complex frameworks, modular JavaScript, APIs, and many related technologies.Aimed at people who have some experience with JavaScript, the first part covers traditional uses of JavaScript, along with new ideas and improved functionality. The second part dives into the server, mobile development, and a plethora of leading-edge tools. You’ll save time—and learn more about JavaScript in the process.Topics include:Classic JavaScript:Arrays, functions, and the JavaScript ObjectAccessing the user interfaceTesting and accessibilityCreating and using JavaScript librariesClient-server communication with AjaxRich, interactive web effectsJavaScript, All Blown Up:New ECMAScript standard objectsUsing Node on the serverModularizing and managing JavaScriptComplex JavaScript frameworksAdvanced client-server communicationsVisualizations and client-server graphicsMobile application development

Author: Shelley Powers

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