JavaScript Crash Course : Go from “Zero” To “Hero” in 12 Easy Lessons (Learn To Code Book 4)

This book is the fourth in a series of books that helps people learn how to code. Being able to read and write code is becoming an increasingly important skill in today's technologically sophisticated world. Those who have this skill will have a significant advantage in the job market. JavaScript is a computer language that is used to make webpages interactive. This book provides an introduction to the JavaScript programming language, and is meant for the complete beginner. This book assumes that you have no previous coding experience, except with HTML and CSS, the computer languages used to build and style webpages. The simple fast-paced lessons will have you creating interactive webpages in no time at all! This books offers you Short and Engaging Lessons Lots of Visual Aids for Quick Comprehension Hands-on practice to help you understand what you learned.

Author: Dr. Code

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