JavaScript Electronics: Beginners guide to building circuits and program electronics with JavaScript, Node.js and Arduino

In this book, among many other projects, you will learn how to build a Smart JavaScript Talking Plant with electronic sensors, data logging, SMS notifications, all served from a Node.js server on your own computer.All projects and concepts are discussed from the very basics, with no prior knowledge of electronics required! You will also be able to get started with beginner level JavaScript experience.Introductory topics:Running JavaScript outside the browserIntro to electronic development boards and the Arduino UNOElectricity and circuit building basicsBuilding a simple web server, a RESTful API server, and a real-time WebSocket server with Node.jsExample projects:Blinking an LED light and using an electronic buttonReading data from simple temperature and light sensorsControlling your operating system with electronics and changing the volume with a potentiometerSetting up a motion sensing alarm with light and soundConnecting sensors to a desk plant including a soil moisture sensorsSending notifications via SMS text messages or a post on TwitterLogging sensor data and displaying it in a HTML and CSS web app and a dynamic chartMaking the plant talk with speech synthesis and letting it complain about its environmental conditions

Author: Mate Marschalko

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