JavaScript Enlightenment

If you’re an advanced beginner or intermediate JavaScript developer, JavaScript Enlightenment will solidify your understanding of the language—especially if you use a JavaScript library. In this concise book, JavaScript expert Cody Lindley (jQuery Cookbook) provides an accurate view of the language by examining its objects and supporting nuances.Libraries and frameworks help you build web applications quickly and efficiently, but when things go wrong or performance becomes an issue, knowing how and why they work is critical. If you’re ready to go under the hood and get your hands dirty with JavaScript internals, this is your book.Get a short and digestible summary of ECMA-262, Edition 3, backed by real code you can run instantlyExamine the creation of JavaScript objectsLearn complex values, primitive values, scope, and inheritanceUnderstand the importance of the head objectWork with string, number, and Boolean objects and valuesDiscover how to use the null value and the built-in math objectGet into the details—beyond Mozilla’s reference guide for JavaScript 1.5

Author: Cody Lindley

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