Javascript for Beginners

Have you wanted to learn how to program? Have you wanted to improve your web site, or your web site development skills? Do you know some HTML and want to take the next steps? Are you a graphic or web designer who wants to be more employable? These days competent programmers have identified Javascript’s real potential and uses, and it has gone from a toy language to the main language of the browser. It has become one of the most useful languages of this era. Every developer needs at least a basic understanding of Javascript. A developer who knows Javascript is the rockstar of the company and is in constant demand by employers. This Javascript Book will get you started by teaching all the essential aspects of coding in Javascript. Based on the author's popular classroom and internet class, this is not just a book, but an interactive course on Javascript complete with lab exercises and dozens of code examples. You'll not only learn the Javascript syntax but be well practiced in basic Javascript development as you work through the code examples and labs.

Author: Mark Lassoff

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