Javascript For Beginners:  Your Guide For Learning Javascript Programming in 24 Hours

Welcome to the Wonderful World of JavaScriptIf you have experience with web programming particularly working with HTML, then the next step is to learn JavaScript. With the use of scripts, you can give your web pages an added punch. You will also make your web pages a lot more flexible and interactive.You will also transform static HTML web pages allowing them to validate any user input. You will also learn how to adapt your code across several different web browsers. Eventually as you learn the ropes of this programming language you will also know how to integrate other related technologies such as ActiveX components, Java applets, plugins, and others.But what is JavaScript?JavaScript (we’ll call it JS for short) is one of the many dynamic programming languages that you can find today. It is lightweight – which means it doesn’t require a lot of resources to get it running in your computer. The scripts that you write with this programming language will become one of the most common parts of many web pages.Another thing that you should know is that it is an interpreted computer programming language. That means the code that you will write won’t need to be “translated” or compiled into machine code by a compiler. In other words, it doesn’t need to be converted from human readable code to machine language.Here's what you'll learn from this book:Chapter 1: JavaScript – Basics and Preliminary InfoChapter 2: How to Enable JavaScript in Your BrowserChapter 3: The Tools You Need to Get StartedChapter 4: Writing Your First JavaScript CodeChapter 5: JavaScript Syntax and Code StructureChapter 6: Using Variables in JavaScriptChapter 7: Manipulating Variable ValuesChapter 8: Constants and Reserved NamesChapter 9: Data Types Get your copy now!

Author: John J. Maldonado

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