JavaScript: JavaScript 100 Tests, Answers & Explanations. Pass Final Exam, Job Interview Exam, Engineer Certification Examination, JavaScript programming in easy steps: A Beginner’s Guide

“JavaScript 100 Tests, Answers & Explanations” is a useful book for beginners. From this book, you can test: JavaScript Basic; Control Statement; Class, Object, Method & Function; String; Array, File Handling, Time, Dom, Form Processing and AJax; …… This book includes 100 Tests, Answers & Explanation, which can help beginners to understand the basic of JavaScript & Ajax. The straightforward answers, the plain and simple explanations can make beginners quickly learn the JavaScript & Ajax fundamental knowledge. Test Example 1: 5. Which following statement is correct? Array.slice(var m, var n); A. return elements from m to n. B. return elements from m-1 to n-1. C. return elements from m-1 to n. D. return elements from m to n-1.   Answer:… Explanation:… Test Example 2 10. In Ajax, when readyState is 4, it means that request process at the stage is ___? A. Uninitialized B. Sending data C. Received data D. Returned data available. Answer:… Explanation:…

Author: Ray Yao

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