Javascript: Javascript Coding for Complete Novices, Volume 1

The world of coding can appear to be a confusing place from the outside looking in. A block of code might make as much sense as a block of hieroglyphics to you right now. That doesn't have to be the case! So many great programming languages now are designed to be simple and easy to work with. One of the best coding languages that you can learn as a beginner to start working with websites is JavaScript. This guidebook is going to take some time to look at the JavaScript language and teach you some of the basics to get you ready to write code and build a website in no time. In addition to getting you familiar with and walking you through some examples of basic JavaScript code, this guide will also teach you some of the following: What is the JavaScript programming language?What are some of the variables on JavaScript?How to teach your computer to make decisions without you thereWorking with objects in JavaScriptLearning about operators and how they work. When you are ready to learn about how JavaScript works-whether you are new to coding or want to learn a brand new language-take a look through this guide and get ready to learn all the basics to get started!

Author: Scott Bernard

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