JavaScript: Learn Basics of Scripting Language and Use in Programming Easily(javascript advanced,javascript algorithm,javascript and jquery,javascript beginners guide,javascript interview) (Volume 1)

JavaScript is one of the oldest programming languages known that are still in use by programmers today. The most beautiful part of this language is that it is relatively simple compared to other programming languages. JavaScriptis a very fundamental language to learn during your early years as a programmer. It has the flexibilityneeded to create very complex projects. The easy manipulation and richness of this language make it one of the simplest yet versatile programming languages on the current market. Like other programming languages, the first things you should focus on are the basic elements of this language. Mastery of the building blocks of JavaScript will help you in the long run and will aid you in writing complex code. JavaScript is often confused with Java, another programming language, but the two are entirely different object oriented programming languages. JavaScript was written in 10 days by Brendan Eich, a programmer working at Netscape. The prototype was written to complement Java which was being included in Netscape’s web browser, Navigator. The language was originally named Mocha, but was changed in September, 1995, to LiveScript. In December, under an agreement with Sun Microsystems, who owned the Java language, LiveScript was renamed JavaScript. There have been hundreds of thousands of JavaScript programmers up until now, and there are some mistakes that are made by every single JavaScript programmer during their early years. It is essential that you learn how to avoid these mistakes and learn to code in the proper way. You can look at JavaScript as being the first step which towards learning other different programming languages. You will be pleasantly surprised by how much easier it will be for you to master different languages once you have obtained a clear grasp on JavaScript. So, let’s begin now shall we? For more information click on BUY Button

Author: James Jackson

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