JavaScript: Learn JavaScript in 24 Hours or Less – A Beginner’s Guide To Learning JavaScript Programming Now (JavaScript, JavaScript Programming)

Learn JavaScript In 24 Hours Or Less!The Internet has come a long way since the early 90’s. With hundreds of thousands of computers already connected in a network, there arose the dilemma as to how data were to be distributed to different computers in an organized manner. With this in mind, Tim Berners-Lee created a hyperlinking framework known as the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). Alongside HTTP he also created a markup language known as the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).In modern web browsers, most of the time you no longer have to type in HTTP or HTTPS in order to visit a website. You also won’t see the .html extension very often as you surf the web. These are done in order to simplify the web browsing experience for casual users.As you may have noticed, there’s a trend among web developers to make things as simple as possible for the web surfers. While the early 2000’s seemed good enough for a lot of people, with the advent of flashy, glossy text and buttons and “click here to enter” flash intros, these elements do not accurately represent the current trend of minimalist, dynamic content. The old sites required you to load and reload different web pages whenever you click a button, which hampers the web surfing experience, as a lot of data would get lost in data fields because you had to keep refreshing web pages to check for updated content. In short, as information grew more dense and complex, there was a need to simplify how we access those bits and pieces of information, otherwise we end up drowning in a sea of data.This book isn’t a reference guide, nor is it a set of dry academic lectures; it’s a practical walkthrough in JavaScript programming, built on the very idea current web technologies are built upon - the need to simplify.If you truly wish to learn as quickly as you can from this book, then I advise doing ALL the exercises and activities in the chapters. Resist the urge to skim through sample codes without trying them out yourself - running the codes help you understand and apply what you’ve learned. Speed-reading through the chapters will only give you surface-level knowledge - enough to impress programming novices at a dinner party.Here is what you will find inside:HTML OverviewIntroduction to JavaScriptJavaScript EssentialsFunctions and Data ManipulationLoops And ArraysMastering Flow ControlManaging Data More EfficientlyAnd Much, Much More...Get Your Copy Right Now!

Author: Robert Dwight

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