JavaScript Objects Functions and Arrays Explained

Even when literature about JavaScript Objects is abundant and already accessible to the reader, this book still fills a need. JavaScript Objects Functions and Arrays Explained challenges the void between books for teaching syntax and those covering specific implementations of the language. This comprehensive approach revisits the foundation of JavaScript Objects without asking anyone to memorize constructs that are seldom used in the real world of JavaScript implementation. It dissects objects from the simplest form to a more complex paradigm. It uses simple illustrations allowing the reader to stay focused on the subject matter. Although most book sales happen in the US, this book has also been written in international English and any idiomatic expression has a link to a suitable explanation. JavaScript Objects Functions and Arrays Explained is about concepts; it is not about implementation of exotic scripts that may lose students before they have a chance to grasp the idea behind the topic. Because JavaScript is such a complex language, the author has chosen to simplify, but not to diminish, certain areas that may be new to a great number of readers. One example is closures. The author approaches closures in a minimalist yet effective way, with illustrations and simplified scripts in order to keep the concept from being lost by the power of the code itself. The author’s intent is to approach JavaScript in a manner he hoped to find when first initiated his studies of the language. This book is not for the very beginner because it does not cover basic rules of syntax. However, if you have been exposed to the basics somewhere else before, you will not have any problem grasping the written material. On the other hand if you come from a different language or need a refresher, there is always an explanation of the scripts presented, line by line. Click on the button the download this eBook and start your new adventure into JavaScript.

Author: Tony de Araujo

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