Javascript Programming: Learn Javascript Easily: The Ultimate Unofficial Guide For Beginners To Learn Javascript Programming Today

Learn JavaScript: Learn Javascript Programming Today What is Javascript? JavaScript came into existence in the year of 1995. It was created by Brendan Eich. It is a light weight scripting language which is interpreted by the browser only after the page has been loaded. So, JavaScript is an interpreted Programming language. Programming languages can either be compiled or interpreted. In order to make a compiled language work you require a compiler which is the case with Java, C++, Python, Ruby etc. However, the case with JavaScript is different. It can run right away right from the browser itself. JavaScript allows you to do many things: 1. Instant message displaying to the user: If the user has submitted some information such as form and the website is busy then validating data and responding to it from the server, this may take longer than usual. But JavaScript can help in resolving the issue. 2. By adding dynamic JavaScript features you can make your website more responsive. 3. JavaScript allows you to detect your visitor’s browser. With the help of JavaScript you can load a page depending on the type of browser the visitor is using. 4. It allows you to create cookies which help visitors enjoy a personalised experience when they visit your site next. 5. You can validate the form data that the user has filled in and tell the user to correct mistakes before submitting the info. You will learn all this and much more within the book JavaScript is an amazing programming language that provides you with the freedom to add interactive features to a web page to improve its responsiveness. Since JavaScript is used to add functionality to a web page it is advised (but not mandatory) to have prior knowledge of HTML and CSS before getting started with this programming language. What you'll find inside - Introduction about JavaScript - What is JavaScript? - What can JavaScript do? - Variables in JavaScript - Operators - Conditions - Functions - Loops - Arrays - Classes and Objects - Regular Expressions - Events in JavaScript - Opening/Referencing Browser windows with JavaScript - Complex Dates Download your own copy Today!

Author: Bill Redwood

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