JavaScript. The First Step is the Easiest: A pragmatic introduction to modern JavaScript (OWL JavaScript Series) (Volume 1)

JavaScript. The First Step is the EasiestA pragmatic introduction to modern JavaScriptTrue to the motto "The First Step is the Easiest" you don't need any previous knowledge for this book and as a working environment you only need a browser. So just start! Step by step you will learn the core of the JavaScript language and its application to everyday programming. In addition to implementing some requirements of a web shop, you mix cocktails with arrays, become a wallpaper designer with recursion, and fight the "dark side of JavaScript". This way, you'll learn how to write JavaScript code that not only works, but you can be proud of.The latest, completely revised edition takes into account the most current JavaScript language version. Here's an excerpt from the contents:From operators, data types and other prioritiesVariables or reality in drawersSet a signal - with strings!For all cases... if & elseFunctions give us back so much...One for all and all for one: ArraysThe big arrangement with map, reduce, filter,...Again from the beginning with recursionThat's where I stay strict!OWL Step-by-Step GuidesOWL Step-by-Step Guides convey practical knowledge in a simple and understandable way. They are written based on teaching practice by experts from the renowned Open Web Learning Institute and conceived in such a way that you can put your own projects into practice. Knowledge tests and exercises serve to deepen and consolidate the newly acquired know-how.This OWL Step-by-Step Guide is part of the online course "JavaScript" at OWL Institute but can also be used independently of the course. The online course offers additional benefits such as personal support, quizzes, assignments and and a final exam including an official certification. Check out for additional information.

Author: Marco Emrich

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