jQuery For Beginners: jQuery JavaScript Library Guide For Developing Ajax Applications, Selecting DOM Elements, Creating Animations

Web pages and all the tools they come with, together will all the mind-blowing features like virtual programs which work on-line, are pure products of genius in programming and software engineering. Such are developed by use of web application development software such as the jQuery JavaScript library. The web applications are based or stored in their respective servers. However, before storage of a web application and before it even becomes a web application, it is written by a program developer in source code that is interpreted by the machine and displayed in the form of a web application. Writing of web pages is done in languages such as HTML and JAVA. Java programs are basically the JavaScript we interact with every day of our lives as we search the internet, if not, then we are interacting with the HTML scripts. These are the two most common programming languages for web development. There are web development tools which allow web pages and web sites to be written in either java or HTML. Java being the object of attention today, one of the well known JavaScript library tools is Jquery.

Author: Joseph Joyner

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