jQuery Pocket Reference: Read Less, Learn More

"As someone who uses jQuery on a regular basis, it was surprising to discover how much of the library I’m not using. This book is indispensable for anyone who is serious about using jQuery for non-trivial applications."-- Raffaele Cecco, longtime developer of video games, including Cybernoid, Exolon, and StormlordjQuery is the "write less, do more" JavaScript library. Its powerful features and ease of use have made it the most popular client-side JavaScript framework for the Web. Ideal for JavaScript developers at all skill levels, this book is jQuery's trusty companion: the definitive "read less, learn more" guide to the library.jQuery Pocket Reference explains everything you need to know about jQuery, completely and comprehensively. You'll learn how to:Select and manipulate document elementsAlter document structureHandle and trigger eventsCreate visual effects and animationsScript HTTP with Ajax utilitiesUse jQuery's selectors and selection methods, utilities, plugins and moreThe 25-page quick reference summarizes the library, listing all jQuery methods and functions, with signatures and descriptions.

Author: David Flanagan

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