Keystone.js Succinctly

Keystone.js is a Node.js web framework for developing database-driven websites, applications, and RESTful APIs. The framework is built on Express.js and MongoDB, and follows the ModelView-Template design pattern. Express.js is the de facto web application server framework for Node.js-based applications. MongoDB is a very popular NoSQL database. Keystone.js is free and open source. The framework does a lot of heavy lifting and allows developers to focus on clean and rapid development. Keystone.js, as with Node.js applications, emphasizes reusability and modularity of components. The framework makes it very easy to manage the application templates, views, and routes. JavaScript is used throughout for configuration, files, and data model development. The framework helps with most common web tasks out of the box, such as authentication, content administration, session management, email-sending, and many more tasks. The framework provides an automatic administration interface that can be used to create, read, update, and delete data in the application. The administration GUI is generated dynamically through inspection of models and user options. Developers can use 20+ built-in field types that provide the capability to manage data ranging from text, dates, geolocation, and HTML to images and files uploaded to Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure.

Author: Manikanta Panati

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