Learn by Example: JavaScript for Front-End and Mobile App Development

Step-by-step guide and Beginner friendly! HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript This book aims to take someone completely new to programming all the way from beginner to advanced. The book starts by covering the basic syntax required to get up and running with web development, and then moves onto advanced concepts and examples. Each section takes the reader along in an intuitive and easy to follow step-by-step manner with clear color images and screenshots, all the way from newbie to advanced. Practical Examples and Assignments Each section contains practical examples and assignments that help the reader understand concepts and practice code. Finally! an easy way to make mobile apps Instead of learning Swift for ios and Java for Android, just learn JavaScript and make apps for ALL platforms using Apache Cordova. This book also covers everything you need to know in order to use JavaScript to design, develop, and deploy mobile apps. Key Topics Introduction to HTML CSS Basics Advanced CSS styling Introduction to JavaScript Data-types Functions Callbacks The this keyword Get elements from the DOM Building your first mobile app Becoming an app developer Deploying your app to the Android and iTunes app stores Order Your Copy Today!

Author: Damien M O'Halloran

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