Learn ECMAScript – Second Edition: Discover latest ECMAScript 8 (ES2017) and learn the fundamentals of JavaScript

Get up and running with all the new features of ECMAScript 8 and explore new ways of coding with JavaScriptKey FeaturesUnderstand the fundamentals of JavaScript to perform a wide range of interactions between the web browser and the serverGrasp the latest features of ECMAScript 8 and implement those in your codeLearn the Native JS API to implement custom behavior on calling methods/property names on objects.Understand how inheritance works in JavaScript and get a glimpse of the future of web developmentBook DescriptionThis book takes you on an expedition of discovering and implementing the latest ECMAScript 8(ES2017) features to add to your developer toolbox.It starts off with the basics of ES6 such as block scope variables, arrow functions, promises, the const and let keywords, and then head towards the latest features of ES8 such as trailing commas to function parameters, string padding, shared memory and atomics.You will learn the latest properties and methods associated with objects such as retrieving values of objects as arrays, converting objects into 2D arrays and returning property descriptors for a given object. You will also discover how to make an asynchronous code look synchronous using the async/await feature, modularizing JavaScript files using web pack and the inheritance model on which JavaScript works. This book will also take you through understanding how to make use of web worker as a background process that runs independently, storing session based data on user’s end and retrieving it using standard APIs.By the end of this book, you'll be up and running with all the features of ES2017!What you will learnImplement methods associated with objects, as per the latest ECMAScript specification.Make use of the latest features of ECMAScript 8 such as string padding and trailing commas in function parameter lists.Store or retrieve app-specific data on client side and manipulate the session storage accordingly.Use Shared Array Buffers for Parallel programmingCreate Dedicated and Shared workers and communicating with themModularize JavaScript files with WebPackWho This Book Is ForThis book aims to cater to the needs of web developers who have a basic understanding of JavaScript and want to learn the latest developments in ECMAScript 8 to be able to code JavaScript in new ways.About the AuthorMehul Mohan is an independent developer and a security researcher. Currently, he is pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at BITs Pilani. He aims to provide free technical knowledge to all, through his website: codedamn.He loves creating programming tutorials and has over 50,000 subscribers on his youtube channel. He has been acknowledged by companies like Google, Microsoft, and Indiblogger for his contribution as a security researcher.

Author: Mehul Mohan

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