Learning Angular 2 (2nd Edition)

Learning Angular 2 teaches modern application development with Angular 2. It begins with the basics of Angular 2 and the technologies and techniques used throughout the book, such as key features of TypeScript, newer ES6 syntax and concepts, and details about the tools needed to write professional Angular 2 applications.   The reader will next build an Angular 2 application from scratch while learning about the primary pieces of an Angular 2 application and see how they work together. Using lots of examples, the core parts of Angular 2 will be introduced, such as Components, the Router, and Services.   The book also covers techniques like server-side rendering and how to incrementally add Angular 2 to existing Angular 1 applications. Finally, the reader will gain insight into advanced skills that should be part of any professional Angular 2 developer’s toolkit such as testing, tooling options, and performance tuning.

Author: Brad Dayley

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