Learning AngularJS Animations

Enhance user experience with awesome animations in AngularJS using CSS and JavaScriptAbout This BookCreate smooth animations for AngularJS native directives and custom directivesLearn to use CSS and JavaScript animations togetherExplore the AngularJS animate module and its applications through step-by-step examplesWho This Book Is ForIf you are a developer who is new to AngularJS or is experienced with the AngularJS framework, this book is intended for you. If you want to provide a better user experience on your web app, this book is also for you.What You Will Learn Create animations with CSS3 transitions and CSS3 keyframe animations Develop CSS animations integrated with AngularJS native directives Use JavaScript to create animations integrated with AngularJS native directives Discover the naming convention for the ngAnimate module Understand when to create animations with CSS or JavaScript Inject the $animate service in custom directives to create animations Animate directives focused on mobile devices' UX In DetailAngularJS is an extensive framework used to make full-blown websites with minimal code. Animations in AngularJS are achieved through CSS3 transitions, CSS animations, and JavaScript. AngularJS allows you to create animations with outstanding effects. There are a variety of effects that can be integrated with AngularJS and different ways to achieve the same result. Learning AngularJS Animation swill help you choose a way that best fits your needs. This guide is a complete step-by-step tutorial to improving UX by using animations in AngularJS projects. The first few chapters explain the basics of CSS3 transitions and animations and all the available features such as CSS3 keyframes to be used together with AngularJS, also covering how to move beyond JavaScript animations. The book then shows you how to choose an appropriate approach for creating web apps. It provides you with an understanding of how AngularJS native directives can be animated with CSS or JavaScript and how to animate custom directives using the $animate service.Finally, you will learn powerful optimization tricks to improve the speed and quality of your animations.

Author: Richard Keller

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