Learning Babylon.js: Learn the basics of the 3D framework Babylon.js by creating a whole game!

Book description Do you want to start creating games with WebGL? The purpose of this book is to explain the creation of a complete little game. For each chapter, you will first see a small part of theory relatived to a concept of Babylon.js, then you will put it in practice at the end of the chapter. Book fully compatible to babylon.js v2.5 ! Book details 200 color pages with source code, illustrations, examples, and a beautiful cover 🙂 Concepts explained in this book : - Basics of the framework - Game architecture - How to use meshes, cameras and lights - Detailed description of materials - How to use animations with skeletons - Interact with user inputs (gamepad, keyboard and mouse) - Handle interaction and collisions - How to use particles and shaders - Improve your game with physics - And more ! What they say about it David Catuhe, creator of Babylon.js "Julian completely understood the foundation of Babylon.js. He wrote his book with the same goal: Let’s keep things simple!" David Rousset, co-creator of Babylon.js "Really loved the workflow of it. Babylon.js has been made with simplicity in mind but still be very powerful. You will perfectly feel this philosophy while reading this book!" Etienne Margraff, co-creator of Vorlon.js, HTML5 Evangelist "It's awesome! For a newcomer, it is hundreds of hours of internet research that are compiled into a single book!"

Author: Julian Chenard

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