Learning Node.js for .NET Developers

Key FeaturesLearn the concepts of Node.js to gain a high-level understanding of the Node.js execution modelBuild an interactive web application with MongoDB and Redis and create your own JavaScript modules that work both on the client side and server sideFamiliarize yourself with the new features of Node.js and JavaScript with this exclusive step-by-step guideBook DescriptionNode.js is an open source, cross-platform runtime environment that allows you to use JavaScript to develop server-side web applications.This short guide will help you develop applications using JavaScript and Node.js, leverage your existing programming skills from .NET or Java, and make the most of these other platforms through understanding the Node.js programming model. You will learn how to build web applications and APIs in Node, discover packages in the Node.js ecosystem, test and deploy your Node.js code, and more. Finally, you will discover how to integrate Node.js and .NET code.What you will learnUnderstand which problems Node.js best solvesWrite idiomatic JavaScript and Node.js codeBuild web applications and command-line toolsMinimise complexity and efficiently solve difficult problemsTest and deploy Node.js applicationsWork with persistent dataImplement real-time client-server applicationsIntegrate .NET and Node.js codeAbout the AuthorHarry Cummings has been working in software development for 8 years, and for the past few years, he has performed the role of technical lead across a variety of projects for varied clients. He has, in the past, also worked as a developer, project manager, and consultant. This gives him an excellent all-round view of the role of a technical lead and its relationship with other roles as well as insight into every stage of project delivery, from initial analysis to long-term maintenance.Harry has extensive experience in C#/.NET, Java and Scala, and JavaScript/Node.js. He continues to work directly with these technologies on a regular basis in the teams that he leads. His broader interests and expertise lie in sharing and nurturing software development best practices through training and mentoring. He has appeared at conferences such as NDC London and SDD Conf, speaking about diverse topics, ranging from introductory Node.js through to automated test strategies and long-term project maintainability.Table of ContentsWhy Node.js?Getting Started with Node.jsA JavaScript PrimerIntroducing Node.js ModulesCreating Dynamic WebsitesTesting Node.js ApplicationsSetting up an Automated BuildMastering AsynchronicityPersisting DataCreating Real-time Web AppsDeploying Node.js ApplicationsAuthentication in Node.jsCreating JavaScript PackagesNode.js and Beyond

Author: Harry Cummings

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